Winter is Coming

... well, eventually
New nail art plus a Fall look preview. 

I saw this design on this Nail Art Club's  FB page and was inspired to try the pink/tan combo. The salon I go to doesn't offer decals so I wasn't able to get the flowers but for next time I could pick up something like this . So this week #Imwearingthis on my fingers. Though there's a lot going on it still manages to be low key, and of course dots have to be involved. I like.
These are the boots that keep on giving. I call them my Three-Season Boots and have many things in mind for them. You can check out my summer looks with them here and here. I can't wait to experiment with creating visual texture with them and all sorts of hoisery. Can you imagine pairing them with some chunky cable knit knee-socks!!!  Here's a preview with some colored tights. I am loving this gorgeous weather we are having right now but when things turn chilly I've got these to look forward to.
Allana Balfour

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