I love jumpers. If not for the (sometimes) logistical challenges of wearing one I would live in a "onesie". They are super easy -  I mean just step in and you are ready to go. Fashionista.com wrote an article on the comeback of the jumpsuit and that it's becoming a staple in most women's wardrobes. I am a huge fan of 60's and 70's fashion when jumpers and rompers were at their height of popularity and they have been favorites of mine ever since I was little and found my mom's clothing hoard. Jumpsuits and rompers are sexy, simple and super comfortable and don't take much to put together. Fave!

I've had this Forever21 jumper in my closet for a while but the light fabric is perfect for summer and I had to pull it out.  The sequined shoulders are like built in jewelry but I added a little extra with my fave gold eagle necklace and talon bracelet. The legs have a harem silhouette and I hiked up a leg to give it a bit of an old school hip hop edge. The neutral olive(ish) color works with most other colors and I chose the poppy red envelope clutch to match my revlon lipstick. Neutral sueded stilettos with gold metal heels finish the look. 
Allana Balfour

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