Step Into the Light

So I wasn't expecting this to be a topic today but it's interesting how life can maneuver you into the position you are supposed to be in. I found out that my hours at my day job will be limited from now on. I still get a full work week (Yay!!) but I work a lot of OT and depend on that to help pay the bills. While it's great to know I will be getting out of work at 5pm each day I felt a little panic at how much less I will make. But then saw the other side; this is a gift of time that will allow me to move in the direction of freedom, joy and creativity.

Last week I watched a commencement address given by Jim Carrey and it really moved me. He spoke about the necessity of doing what you love. He also spoke about "putting your order in" with the universe, asking for exactly what you want. I want to be creative, be surrounded by beautiful thing and happy people, spend more time with my family, contribute to the world and make people feel wonderful about themselves. I have been putting it out there that I am ready to start my fashion line but was so crunched for time and here delivered is the wiggle room. My initial reaction was fear but now I am feeling pretty optimistic. 

I am incredibly grateful for this position that has allowed me to support my little family and I am lucky to like everyone I work with but I'm going to take as a gift and work really hard move forward to a bigger life. Soon I will be doing exactly what I am meant to do. It seems extra fortuitous that yesterday I purchased an investment in my future -  A heavy duty sewing machine. Here's to really good times ahead and loving what we do. 

                    Oh, and Melissa McCarthy, I want to work with you and I'm coming your way. 

For now, I hope you like these outfits and they give you some ideas on how to pump up the (color) volume.  
 Navy T-shirt: Old Navy, Pashmina shawl worn as scarf: NYC, Coiled wire hoop earrings: Street vendor, Print skirt with pockets: Target , Sueded, stiletto, mary janes: Charlotte Russe.  
Green wrap sweater -Favorite Sweater ever and I've had it for a while. You can't go wrong with a wrap anything and it's short sleeved so I wear it year round . Skinny jeans and graphic ballet flats: Forever 21
Black long cotton cardigan: Target, V-neck tee and bodycon mini skirt: Forever21
Allana Balfour

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