Next Friday

 This week has been great. The weather has been beautiful and I was able to get out into the city and see my wonderful friends.
On Sunday I had a brunch with my"mastermind" group, a group of "Ladies Who Brunch" and support each other in accomplishing our goals. We try to hold each other accountable in taking the steps needed to make our professional and personal dreams come true. We met in the city and had brunch at Petite Abielle,  a little spot in the West Village; the chicken and waffles were amazing. After, we walked over to Union Square where we sat under the trees and talked some more, then headed to Queens to celebrate Pride with another one of our friends. Thanks #jumperpear for inviting me into your home and the generous offer to use your TOTO. Kizzy, Vonetta and Oneida, it was one of the best days since I've been back in NYC. SpaCastle here we come.
Mid-week,  I found out one of our friend's from Belgium was in the city for one last night. I hadn't seen him in many, many years so it was a must that I go. The spot, a bowling alley in the Port Authority. Who knew? The atmosphere is pretty cool (very lounge-like), the drinks (and fries) are good, and the people actually bowling looked like they were having a good time. It's amazing when you get together with friends you haven't seen in a long time and you talk like you saw them just yesterday - though for #jumperpear it was almost yesterday. My friends are doing big things with their lives and it's very inspiring.  I got an invitation to Belgium which I totally intend to cash in. Miko, Atu, and Peter seeing you made my day.  

My friends may not know this but by being their own beautiful selves and chasing their own dreams, they inspire me to be my best. Thank you.
Allana Balfour

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