Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I found this illustration many years ago while working at a call-center in Salt Lake City (I made a few adjustments). It illustrates perfectly how I felt then, and sometimes now. I love color, I have big hair (not big enough), I can be loud, and I love to stand. While I was living in SLC I had this "grass is greener" fantasy that I was simply in the wrong environment. I thought that I would return home and "be among my people," that the streets would be a metaphorical catwalk, and I would nod in fashionable knowing to those I passed. I thought that the color revolution had transformed the city and that the streets would be filled with people who looked like gems. Instead I find that most people still stick to darks and neutrals and most people sort of blend together. There are definitely those fabulous, bright, ones I would take my hat off to (if my hair fit under hats) but they seem to be the minority. I want everyone (everywhere) to rise and shine and be bright and gorgeous. Don't be afraid to show off, don't save that bright dress for a special occasion; wear it today. Everyone has their own style but whatever it is, today, be bright, be huge, be your most awesome self, even if you are doing it alone.

Allana Balfour

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