My Closet Sale - It still a go'wan

For those of you who don't know, that translates to "My CLOSET SALE  is still happening." I was feeling extra Trini when I wrote that. LOL. 

I am gearing up for some lifestyle changes (more about that in a later post) so I am reducing my wardrobe.  Below are some of the items available for sale. I hope to find good homes for for these spicy pieces that I have loved. Hopefully you will see something you like and take it home. The items are cute and the prices are really good. I will be adding new items throughout the week. Happy shopping

Closet Sale

I am having a CLOSET SALE.  
Below are some of the stylish items that are being sold. I am selling through Ebay. All of the prices are fixed (no auction) so first person to buy get's it. All of the items are gently used - not worn more than 2x. The prices are excellent. I hope you find something that will make a good addition to your own closet. 
Clothes are 2x and 3x. Shoes are all size 9
Find all my items listed  HERE
Allana Balfour

Let Me Take a Selfie

The weekends are when I get to work on one of my true loves-  launching the soon-to-be Inspector33 line. It's almost Friday and I'm already gearing up; Listening to some good music. Love this song. I probably shouldn't but I do. Can't help dancing to it and it makes me laugh. Enjoy the video and some of my selfies. 

"I guess I take a good #Selfie"

Saturday Morning Cartoons

So...I wore this to go pick up some cereal this morning. I felt a little nostalgic and wanted to spend the morning in front of the TV watching cartoons. I have been trying to eat clean so there was no cereal in the house; I had to head out and pick some up. Looking in my closet to just throw something on I saw this dress that I haven't worn since I purchased it. We frequently put aside our clothes waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them. Why not look wonderful any and everywhere? I've been known to wear sequined skirts to the office so why not a beautifully printed dress, some peep-toe stiletto booties, and mirrored sunnies to the supermarket? Top poof, gold jewelry and coffee from the Japanese market, check. Off I went.

Allana Balfour

A Little Bit Nautical

Who says curvy girls can't wear stripes? I love the bold navy and cream striping of this dress. It didn't need a lot of extras to make it awesome. Some gold accessories, a bold red lip, and my polka dot specs were enough to put a giant (close my eyes) smile on my face. 

Dress: Forever21, Black sueded wedges with gold detailing: Charlotte Russe , Belt: Eloquii, Lipstick: Revlon Continuous Cranberry
Allana Balfour

Winter is Coming

... well, eventually
New nail art plus a Fall look preview. 

I saw this design on this Nail Art Club's  FB page and was inspired to try the pink/tan combo. The salon I go to doesn't offer decals so I wasn't able to get the flowers but for next time I could pick up something like this . So this week #Imwearingthis on my fingers. Though there's a lot going on it still manages to be low key, and of course dots have to be involved. I like.
These are the boots that keep on giving. I call them my Three-Season Boots and have many things in mind for them. You can check out my summer looks with them here and here. I can't wait to experiment with creating visual texture with them and all sorts of hoisery. Can you imagine pairing them with some chunky cable knit knee-socks!!!  Here's a preview with some colored tights. I am loving this gorgeous weather we are having right now but when things turn chilly I've got these to look forward to.
Allana Balfour

Three-Season Boots Redux

This is the second half of my JustFab purchase- two pairs or laser cut, three-season boots. This pair is more delicate than the one I wore yesterday and I think a little less dom. Because of the cutouts and open toes they both have a gladiator type look and I think they're pretty versatile. I have many ideas for how to style them for Fall and  will wear them till it;s just way too cold and the toes can't handle it. These are definitely in the top 5 of my shoe collection.  

Baby blue lace peplum top, green pencil skirt, crystal and ceramic statement necklace, three-season boots

Allana Balfour

Three-Season Boots

I don't even know what to call this kind of hotness These three-season,  laser-cut boots are f'n fantastic. The styling possibilities are numerous; I can't wait for all the things I will be able to do with them now and in the fallI ordered both  from Below is today's look with the Bellona (left) and check back in tomorrow for the pretty, and sexy look with the Madelina (right) boot. 

Coral tunic dress with dolman sleeves. Necklace: Strawberry store. Boots: JustFab, Assorted gold rings, Cross body bag worn like belt pouch.
As hot as these boots are, I only received them after an angry call to customer service and a post on their facebook page asking about the delay in shipping. Plus they also cancelled another order after sat in limbo for three weeks. Good looking shoes but poor service. 

Allana Balfour

Rocker Chic

So this look actually started with the hair. I didn't feel like having my hair touching my neck and shoulders but I wasn't feeling the usual top-puff. Experimenting I went for a half, fro-hawk. I pinned the hair up on one side while letting it all be it's wild self on the other. I had originally planned on wearing a dress but once I got this going it just didn't match. I had to do something different and I like how it turned out. Here's today's look. 
A little bit rocker and a little bit girlie girl. Today I am wearing a light tee tunic with alligator print leggings, a chunky, stacked, faux pearl necklace, the fave talon bracelet and snake print, peep-toe platform stilettos. 

Allana Balfour


I love jumpers. If not for the (sometimes) logistical challenges of wearing one I would live in a "onesie". They are super easy -  I mean just step in and you are ready to go. wrote an article on the comeback of the jumpsuit and that it's becoming a staple in most women's wardrobes. I am a huge fan of 60's and 70's fashion when jumpers and rompers were at their height of popularity and they have been favorites of mine ever since I was little and found my mom's clothing hoard. Jumpsuits and rompers are sexy, simple and super comfortable and don't take much to put together. Fave!

I've had this Forever21 jumper in my closet for a while but the light fabric is perfect for summer and I had to pull it out.  The sequined shoulders are like built in jewelry but I added a little extra with my fave gold eagle necklace and talon bracelet. The legs have a harem silhouette and I hiked up a leg to give it a bit of an old school hip hop edge. The neutral olive(ish) color works with most other colors and I chose the poppy red envelope clutch to match my revlon lipstick. Neutral sueded stilettos with gold metal heels finish the look. 
Allana Balfour


I am a huge fan of accessories, all the little extra bits of "flair" (office space anyone) that add to your look - necklaces, shoes, belts, bags, even your nail designs. Below are some of my favorite accessories that I've worn in the last year.
 Shop around - It may take a couple of tries to find a nail technician who listens to you and has an excellent eye for color, style, and shape 
From Top, necklaces 1 (emerald and clear crystals),2 (gold starfish), and three (crystal and ceramic flowers) are available for sale HERE
Allana Balfour

Dear Fashion, I Love You.

At my family's city farm. I know, so not practical. I usually go for style over situation and that sometimes gets me into trouble or has lead to the demise of some favorite pieces but que sera. Love fashion!!
Cracked, black-faux leather tee, gathered cotton skirt, Spiked, jelly, gladiator sandal, silver tribal necklace

Allana Balfour

Friday, Friday, Friday

Two looks with a favorite black and white cardigan. 

Three necklaces available today on , a new style site that I will be curating and contribuiting content for. They are large, fabulous pieces that seriously hold their own. Any one of them would have taken the below outfits to the next level. I think the emerald/clear crystals would have been amazing with the pants look and the flowers would have accentuated the dress below perfectly.                                                                                                                                                                 Left from top : Gold starfish necklace, Colorful jeweled flower necklace, Emerald and clear crystal necklace

I love mixing prints.The striped cardigan and printed jeans are bold but don't fight each other. I added in a necklace I affectionately call my "skittles" because of the colored candy looking pieces, classic black patent pumps, and a bright Steve Madden bag

                                                                     Dress look Here
Allana Balfour

Color Block

Wearing: Zebra print/plum/black color-block dress, purple ombre pashmina, black tights, Steve Madden patent, platform heels. Hair in an easy top knot. 
Allana Balfour

Gorgeousness is coming.

I love jewelry...a lot. Fat, chunky, rocks can make you look so luxe. A beautiful necklace is a perfect frame for your face and rings and bracelets highlight those beautiful little parts of your body. Over the last couple of years I've created a cool collection for myself of gorgeous statement pieces and have developed an eye for trends and forever pieces. We all want to look good and I really want to share my access to these with you and help you create a collection of your own. I am launching my jewelry flash-sales with the soon-to-be-launched style site JohnandAllana. The pieces will be offered at amazingly good prices and in limited quantities (25 each), one style per day, on Thursdays through Saturdays each week. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you get it all and to be eligible for contests. Sales begin this Thursday. Gorgeousness is coming! 
1) Emerald, clear crystal, and blush pink stones. 
2) Gold seashell and starfish necklace with pearl accents. 
3) Crystal and ceramic flower necklace on chunky gold curb chain
Allana Balfour