I'm Back

So it's been a quite a while since I last posted. When I last posted I was working on my "50 days of  fashion". I got about half way through and got sick over the holidays and fell way behind on my posts. I was stressed out with a job I hated, got a little overwhelmed and I kind of gave up. It took me a couple of months to get my moxie back. I decided that I can't get stuck in a situation I don't want to be in and I have to just keep moving in the direction of where I want to be.

I moved my entire family (myself, my boyfriend John, and our fur babies Stella and Loki) back to my home town of NYC so we could get a fresh start. It's been a little bit of a rough start and I've had my doubts and fears about how this is going to go but that's just the crazy self-doubting voice in my head that I know we all have. I can totally do this! And lucky me (really) I've got a really supportive guy, family and friends, who wants to see me succeed and really make my fashion career a reality.For my happiness, and for my little family, I'm walking into the wind.

So the deal is, for right now, I think there are some great ready to wear plus size brands, in many price points, that are doing such an excellent job at serving curvy women. Two years ago I really felt this area was lacking but a lot of brands have stepped. I love a lot of what's out there right now in ready to wear. The areas that I see that I could make a contribution in are high quality basics, and on the opposite side, high quality, limited edition, statement pieces. Bridal is also an area that is now coming up.  I believe I can bring a new eye, a different perspective, a measure of exclusivity and a new level of luxuriousness to plus size fashion.

I am currently working on my business plan to apply for a loan. To help me along and to keep you in-the-know I will do updates on my business progress. I will also be posting outfits I wear, reviews on products I purchase, what I think is hot in fashion, etc. I also want you to get to know me a little better so there may be some posts on other things that are pieces of the rest of my life. I will be updating my fashion gallery with all the outfits that didn't get posted and you can check here http://sidewalkconfidential.blogspot.com/ for the pictures over the next few days. That is also where you will be able to see all of my outfits in one place going forward.

I've missed this. I hope you are interested what's coming next and check in to see the journey.

Allana Balfour

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