So In Love

I love shoes. That should be no surprise. Any girl who loves fashion, loves shoes. But I really love these shoes. They sparkle. And as I, I am sure, am part magpie, I was undoubtedly drawn to them. They are gorgeous. Steve Madden Viktoree - sexy 6 inches platforms, covered in a silver and gold glittered lace.  Top it off with the fact that I got them on an Uber discount and they are pretty much perfect. I am thinking of making them a sort of "every day" shoe. Not really wearing them every day but I won't wait for a special occasion to wear them. They are too awesome to only wear only every once in a while.

The pictures don't really do them justice.



  1. Love! These would be great wedding shoes. Rock the you know what out of these mama.

  2. i love these... where can u buy them?

  3. I got them on close out at a ROSS store. I've seen them online in limited sizes. Search Google for Steve Madden Viktoree platform.