Jersey style can be over the top, and possibly a little tacky. But some things can be learned from the ladies of the garden state. I too, like a magpie are drawn to sparkly things. I love bright colors, sky high heels, animal print, and big hair. Statement jewelry, for sure! But pleather cutout, lace, leggings? No, No! Sorry Olivia - still love you though. Remember, a little zhuzh goes a long way.

Here are some ways to put a little jersey in your life

                         Big sexy hair
                         A Smokey Eye
Kaela Humphries
                                                                Here Kitty Kitty

Lemon Yellow Leopard Pumps
Brooks Mach 13 Running Shoe

Strapless Leoopard Cocktail Dress
Forever21 Stretch Leopard Print Pencil Skirt



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