Banking on Women

Since the begining of this year, I have been participating in an amazing program for women entrepreneurs, Banking on Women. This program is funded by GE (awesome) as a way to provide education and encouragement to women trying to start their own businesses (all kinds). The program's primary goal is for each participant to be clear in their goals, and path and produce their business plan by the end. Trying to juggle school and BOW has been a challenge but I'm very grateful for this journey and excited for the path that I am on.

This is a new experience for me; In the past I have encountered business women who don't want to help other women in business, as if  they lose something by sharing. It's like everyone feels they are taking a test and need to cover their papers. The women in the class are different; They are very open, gracious, helpful and supportive to each other. We all want everyone to make it and be successful.

For the first time, I really feel like I am going to make it. I am more corageous and have more confidence in my dreams than I have ever had. I actually see my fashion line as a reality, a physical thing. Going through the process and knowing what it takes to actually start this business, and that I have what it takes to start this business, is amazing.

Our last class is next week. While I feel like I have been given the tools I need to take some big steps, and it's pretty awesome to be able to say "I believe", I am going to miss seeing these ladies every week. I wish them all as much success as I want for myself and  I thank them all, especially Danielle, for all the knowledge and love they've dropped on me.

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation today! I was honored to be a mentor in the very first BOW group--I am also a plus sized woman so read your site with interest. Good Luck to you.

    Beverly Belcamino