H&M+ Spring 2012

After going home to NYC last February and visiting H&M on 34th St I was very disappointed to find that the store did not carry plus sizes. I was told by their salesperson that H&M no longer carried plus size clothes. Back in the day, really only about 8 years ago, I was able to walk into that same H&M and buy a suit from their H&M BiB line, which I still have. Not carrying plus size clothes doesn't make sense; The plus size market is bigger than ever (pardon the pun). Well, it seems as if they've realized curvy girls have fashion sense and money to spend. 

Spring 2011 H&M launched a one-off collection of cute and flirty 50s inspired party dresses and pretty separates called  Inclusive. The collection was only available in markets with online distribution centers (UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

Spring 2012 H&M is rebrandiang it's plus size collections as H&M+. Previously know in store as BiB, the H&M+ line will launch this spring with current essential pieces in sizes UK 18-28 (US 14-24). The collection will include staples such as a fitted, feminine blazer, white shirts, and ankle length trousers, along with fun items like bright jeans. H&M plans to continue to develop the collection through out the year with additional items to help build a solid wardrobe. I'm still not fully sure on whether it will be available in stores. I'll keep you posted.

 It's great that high-style, low-cost retailers like H&M are stepping up their game and catering to the curvy crowd. Plus size ladies have been waiting a long time for, and are excited by, the change in the industry. With more options we are heading in a direction where we will be fully able to express ourselves. We aren't there yet but the change is exciting.


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