15 And Fabulous - Update

I have told you about 1015store.com before and I wanted to check back on their site to see if they have anything new. Though their plus size section is still small, and they haven't added too many new items, I did find a few that I like and want to share with you. As all of their plus size items are $15, you can update your wardrobe for under $100. I found these six pieces that I think I could get a lot of mileage out of. I found a mini lbd with sheer detail at the neckline, a tan tailor-look jacket with  beige jacket with striping and lace edge detail, and a black sweater with zig-zag multi insert detail. I also found a tribal rectangle top, a floral rectangle top with lace at the shoulders and a layered open-knit sweater over a tank. I haven't purchased from this retailer but for $15 you can take a chance. They probaby won't be "forever pieces" but should help you punch up your more expensive, classic items. If you make a purchase, or find other pieces you like that I have not mentioned, I would love to know how what you think.

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