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Amanda M : Hey chica what is up with you? I am Headed back to Vegas in 10 days with the fella and need a cocktail dress for the Opera. Dont have a clue where to start. Got any ideas?

Inspector33 : Hi. Good to hear from you. Wow, the opera, sounds amazing. The good thing is the opera these days is (generally) no longer the fully formal affair it used to be. Semi formal wear is acceptable. I have come up with a couple options (formal ...and sem-formal) for you in a range of prices: Nordstrom's Plus size has some great options esp under the "occasions" section "guest of the wedding", or "formal".  Igigi  has great options for you also. Let me know if you need more help. Please post fashion questons at facebook.com/IamInspecor33 or email them to allana@Inspector33.com. Thanks. Happy Shopping.

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