Foot Fetish

I absolutely love shoes. Being fabulous does not stop at the knee, or ankle  but  it can be hard for a curvy fashionista to find shoes that fit her plus-size foot. Wide width shoes can be hard to find in cute, colorful, sexy, current styles. In looking for some summer updates to my shoe wardrobe I found some very hot shoes that I want to share with you. All of the shoes showcased are either made for a wide foot or come in wide-width options.
Tips:Keep in mind the shoe profiles that will balance and enhance your overall look and make your legs look great. Platforms generally look good on slimmer legs and can help balance an apple type figure. Though slim heels, like stilettos, look good on everyone, they can especially lengthen and visually slim a larger lower half. Most importantly, go with a shoe that makes you feel confident, sassy, and sexy.

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  1. Great blog! Keep up the good work and nice shoe finds can't wait to get my summer shoe shopping on!